Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see, I finally got around to putting up a new quote. I
didn't actually go through and pick one though: Carmen suggested
it. So as you can see, I'm still getting settled here.

Another quick note. The poll is over. It was a tie between the
Fellowship and both the Fellowship and The Return of The King
(I changed my mind by the way).


Jo March said...

Isn't that quote from Chesterton? I really like it!

Thanks for posting it!

God bless,
Jo March

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

I don't think it is.

You're welcome!! I've been neglecting it. :-)

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

The quote is from Bilbo Baggins, in the poem he recites at the Council of Elrond. It refers to Aragorn.

Jo March said...

Oh yeah, that is what it is from! I am reading the Lord of the Rings right now, actually, so that is why it sounded familar.
~Jo March