Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Three Eyed Alien

Have you ever tried to be 100% original and think up something that doesn’t exist? No, I mean something that doesn’t even contain one trace of already existing things. One could dream up a three-eyed alien with a mouth in its forehead, and of course it doesn’t exist. BUT, mouths, eyes and foreheads exist. I’ve tried to come up with something that has no pre-existing qualities every once in awhile for a few years now, and I just can’t do it. It always has to have something pre-existing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I Don't Post Anything Anymore (OOOH! Feel the Irony!)

I'm not sure I can articulate the reason, but here are some thoughts:

In youth, we are interested in truth. As we age, we become interested in reality.
(Monsignoir Ronald Knox)
(Note, reality here means the same as truth, only the whole of it apprehended by the whole self, not merely intellectible part of it by the intellect.)

Eventually, there will come a time when nothing interests you except souls.

The Christian faith is a thing made for living and fighting, and, as such, it must have a certain element of routine...on the whole the normal view of Christianity (as opposed to the novel one) might be the saner of the two.
(GK Chesterton)

In this is my wisdom, that I know I am not wise. (Socrates) In a conversation, the wisest ought to do most of the talking. (Peter Kreeft, and Gandalf too!)

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