Monday, February 2, 2009


Who was the other person who voted for Chesterton besides me?

By the way, I voted for Chesterton because his writings cover a wider array of topics and his style is better. That being said, in terms of a single achievement, he has nothing that comes even close to Tolkien.


Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Maybe. But as you say, he hasn't achieved as much as Tolkien has. Tolkien has made a MUCH bigger impact than Chesterton and Lewis (but I suppose he is getting there).

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

So far, Tolkien is winning!!!!

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

How is this a heated debate?

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Your acutal poll says 'Which is the greatest of these three authors.' Not only is that incorrect grammar (it should be who, not which) but you didn't specify what you meant by great, whether it meant quality of writing, or impact, or potential to impact, or something else. I think that Chesterton has both better writing and greater potential, but the hippie-mindset of the 60's liked Tolkien because he liked trees, and disliked Chesterton because he told the truth without fiction sometimes.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

WHAT?!?!?!!? How can you say that about Tolkien?!?!??!

I see my error now. But as for explaining how they are great, I can't without devoting a whole post to it.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

I think Tolkien devoted all of his resources to the creation of Middle Earth. Chesterton didn't, so he was able to write more of a variety. Maybe this is why you like him better. :-)

Jo March said...

I voted for Chesterton...I am kind of new to reading your blog, so I hope it is okay I voted!

And I voted for Chesterton, I guess, because a priest friend once told me that the Catholic faith just oozes from Chesterton. Even in his mysteries (the Father Brown series which I just love!), some of the teachings and truths of the Catholic faith are set forth in very clear terms. I just think that is so neat!

Though, I will qualify my statement by saying that I think either Tolkien or Lewis have had more impact because I think they are more popular...but I think Chesterton has a better way of conveying truth.

Finally, it was a tough call, as all three are my favorite authors.

God bless!
Jo March

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Yes, although I haven't read much of his works (sadly), I've had a suspicion that his works were more Catholic than Tolkien's.

You're entirely welcome to vote on anything that comes up! The more votes the better!