Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Under Construction!!

If any of you have a relevant Tolkien picture, could you send me
a link? I've found numerous ones, but I'm pretty sure they're all
copyrighted (although I've found them on other blogs). It would
be nice to have a fancy picture I can put on the title especially.

I hope you can all read this now!!!!!! I also hope you've all found

out how to post an comment. Don't tell me you're all fancinated
by my debates with Old Fashioned Liberal. :-) By the way, be sure
to visit his blog at


Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Just to start a tradition of being
the first to comment on my own
posts. (hee hee hee. Now you all
have to comment. :-) )

Carmen said...

The blog looks good, except the list of previous blog post and the list of contributors is still hard to read. You should change it to a lighter shade of blue.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

How's this?

Carmen said...

That looks much better.