Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lord of The Rings: Allegorical??

Allegory. That one genre that J.R.R. Tolkien disliked. Why? Well,
that's not a question that I can answer. But I can definitely perceive
the similar themes between our world and Middle Earth. So how can
this be, since Tolkien disliked allegory? If you take C.S, Lewis' "The
Chronicles of Narnia", you can clearly see the allegory. But what
about LOTR? Do the characters and events represent real life and
Biblical events and people? That's something that can be interpreted
in different ways. However, I believe Tolkien was definitely
influenced by his Catholic faith and view of the world around him,
so there are bound to be many similarities. For example, both worlds
have an omnipotent creator, and there are hundreds of others (I'm
just to lazy to list all of them!!!! It is two 'o' clock in the morning you
know :-) ).


Carmen said...

Even thought Tolkien didn't intend for LOTR to be an allegory, I definitely agree that his worldview influenced it. Fantasy stories can't be created from noting; the author uses building blocks from real life. The most basic building block is the author's world view. I think most fantasy stories are in some way allegorical, because in any piece of writing the author's worldview is going to shine through.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Yes, it can obviously be a
tendancy, but I'm sure it could be
suppressed if one wanted.
Apparently, Tolkien didn't want to
suppress it.