Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Shire

The Shire. That peaceful place where Frodo and Sam began their
journey. That quiet, joyous land where the carefree Hobbits live
their uneventful lives. Their only concern is what goes on in the
Shire, and no where else. However, the outside world won't leave
them alone forever. No matter how hard they try to shut it out,
the plans of evil will reach them sooner or later, and all the peace
and goodness will be destroyed.

Now, the childlike nature of the Hobbits is good. However, they
are a bit naive to think that they can bury their heads in the sand
to avoid danger. But perhaps we do the same. There are
well-meaning Christians out there who would rather not pay
attention to the outside world and just live their lives without
concern. And who can blame them!!!! Who would want to get
involved in the evils of this world?!??!!? Why can't we just be

The truth, of course, is in the middle. We can't go out seeking to
fight evil on our own, and we can't bury our heads in the sand and
say it doesn't exist. If we seek to fight evil without God's protection
and calling to do so, we will surely be lost to it ourselves, as was
Denethor when he used the Palantir. But if we bury our heads in
the sand, we will be helpless to resist the evil when it comes to our
doorstep. The Bible talks about being vigilant, "for you adversary
the devil is like a roaring lion seek for someone to devour". It also
says that the battle is not of natural means, but of "Principalities and

My advice would be to trust in God to protect us. We must come to
Christ as little children. Children know there is danger, but trust that
those more powerful will than they will protect them. When we
encounter evil, we must pray to Him and remember His
Commandments. And when He calls, we must be ready to fight for
our God.

The battle is in the Lord's hands.


Old Fashioned Liberal said...

I like it. I am partial to the saying "Pray as if everything depended on God and then act as if everything depended on yourself."

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

That's a good philosophy. Maybe
your name should have been Ancient
Greek Philosopher.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Forgot the smiley face. :-)

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

The statement was not an Ancient Greek one. But yes, I do think I have more right to the name than you do. But it would limit me. How could I have Aquinas, or Chesterton, or even Tolkien, if I were an Ancient Greek Philosopher?

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Your name doesn't have to be
relevant to what you post!!!!! I
post about Tolkien and many other

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Well, let's think about this. If you really were an Ancient Greek Philosopher, you would be dead, wouldn't you :)? And the smile does NOT mean I wish you were dead.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

This is my wise old voice lingering
on. :-) (smile back at ya!)

Anders said...

You wrote : “My advice would be to trust in God to protect us. We must come to
Christ(...) we must pray to Him and remember His”

[To separate], The historical person about whom it is written in the original version that later was redacted into the ”gospel of Matthew” had the title Ribi (similar to Rabbi) and was named Yehoshua. His name was later redacted by Hellenists into “Jesus”.

The original teachings of Ribi Yehoshua – the Messiah – was totally in accordance with the directives of the “books of Moses” and was later distorted to what is no found in the “gospel of Matthew” [note 1]. The followers of Ribi Yehoshua – the Messiah – was called the Netzarim (de-Judaized to “Nazarenes”) and they did their best to practise the directives of the “books of Moses” non-selectively; and in order to follow the Messiah today one is required to do ones utmost to practise the directives of the “books of Moses” [note 2].

Neither Ribi Yehoshua nor his followers started Christianity. They didn’t teach the “gospel”. They didn’t follow the ”NT”. [note 2] The historical person Ribi Yehoshua treated persons sicknesses. His followers never claimed that he was an “incarnated man-g*d” and they prayed only to the Creator. According to the books of Moses and according to Ribi Yehoshua there is no protection from the Creator and no blessing without observing the directives of the books of Moses.

To follow the Messiahs teachings – leads you into observance of the directives of the ”books of Moses” – and leads you into a living and real relation with the Father, which is very meaningful!

2: All these statements are proven from the Jewish Bible and Scholarly research on the website of Netzarim