Thursday, July 1, 2010

Admission of Wrong

Have you ever had to confess a wrong to someone, and ask for forgiveness - and really meant it? You have to give something up, don't you? It is very humbling. It all comes down to the fact that you realize that forgiveness is something you have to ask for, and not something that you own. Forgiveness is something that has to be given by someone.

The Price of Freedom

What if you were guilty of murder and sentenced to death, and someone offered to pay the price for you? Would not that person be worthy of your love?

Looking at Evil with an Evil Lens

Have you ever read J.R.R. Tolkien's "Silmarillion"? Have you ever found yourself looking at the world from the point of view of the evil in it, like Hurin? What good is knowledge of evil if all you see is the evil? Always remember that Christ has triumphed over evil, and that you can, too.

Pleasure and Satisfaction

The more we please ourselves, the less happy we seem to become, and the more convinced we are that we are happy: we become less and less satisfied. Who alone can bring perfect peace in the midst of turmoil? Who alone can bring perfect love in the midst of hatred? Who alone can show perfect mercy while being perfectly just? God satisfies our desire for goodness, because He alone is completely good.